Bitters are an aromatic, concentrated infusion of botanicals in an alcohol base. They are a common bar mixer that add sparks of flavor to any cocktails or desserts or meals you wish to add an extra flavour to.

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B18 – Bergamot Bitters (30ml), B18 – Chai Bitters (30ml), B18 – Chocolate Bitters (30ml), B18 – Cinnamon (30ml), B18 – Cucumber Bitters (30ml), B18 – Elderflower Bitters (30ml), B18 – Orange & Juniper Bitters (30ml), B18 – Vanilla & Fig Bitters(30ml), Bittered Sling – 6 x 30ml (180ml), Bittered Sling – Cascade Celery (120ml), Bittered Sling – Condesa (120ml), Bittered Sling – Moondog (120ml), Bittered Sling – Palermo (120ml), Fee Brothers – Cranberry Bitters (150ml), Fee Brothers – Grapefruit Bitters (150ml), Fee Brothers – Lemon Bitters (150ml), Fee Brothers – Old Fashion Aromatic Bitters (150ml), Fee Brothers – Toasted Almond Bitters (150ml), Fee Brothers – West Indian Orange Bitters (150ml), Fee Brothers – Fee Foam (150ml)