Candy – Hard Candy (Share Size)


Candy is a a sweet food made with sugar or other sweeteners, typically formed in small, shaped pieces and flavored with chocolate, fruit, or nuts. Whether its for yourself or to share its perfect snack to treat your sweet tooth.

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Bali’s Best – Coffee Candy, Bali’s Best – Tea Candy – Citrus Green Tea (150g), Bali’s Best – Tea Candy – Classic Iced Tea (150g), Bonds of London – Dolly Mixture (120g), Cadbury – Eclairs (166g), Cambridge & Thames – Sour lemon Drops (200g), Canada True – Pure Maple Syrup Candies (120g), Cavendish & Harvey – Butterscotch Candy (175g), Cavendish & Harvey – Sour Lemon Candy (175g), Cavendish & Harvey – Wild Berry Candy (175g), Chupa Chups – Mini Best of (87g), Chupa Chups – Party Mix Bag (400g), Chupa Chups – The Best of 50 pack (600g), Claeys – Anise Old Fashioned Hard Candies (170g), Claeys – Cinnamon Old Fashioned Hard Candy, Claeys – Peppermint Old Fashioned Hard Candy, Claeys – Raspberry Old Fashioned Hard Candies (170g), Claeys – Root Beer Old Fashioned Hard Candies (170g), Jakemans – Blackcurrant Menthol (100g), Jakemans – Menthol & Eucalyptus (100g), Jakemans – Throat & Chest (100g), Mars – Skittles Darkside (18x18g), Maynards Bassetts – Murray Mints (193g), Maynards Bassetts – Sherbet Lemons (192g), Maynards Bassetts – Everton Mints (192g), Melting Sweet – Ginger Candy (125g), Nutrafruit – Centre Filled Sweets (350g), Nutrafruit – Strawberry (350g), Oatfield – Clove Drops (150g), Oatfield – Mint Humbugs (150g), Swizzels – Love Hearts (76g), Swizzels – Parma Violets (108g)