Christmas Chocolate


Chocolate is one of the most popular food types and flavours in the world. Gifts of chocolate molded into different shapes are traditional on holidays, especially at Christmas.

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Almond Roca – Nutcracker Tin (200g), Cadbury – Dairy Milk Buttons (72g), Cadbury – Dairy Milk Mini Snow Balls (110g), Cadbury – Dairy Milk Winter Wonderland (100g), Cadbury – Dairy Milk Jingly Bells (73g), Cadbury – Dairy Milk Little Robins (77g), Cadbury – Heroes (600g), Cadbury – Mini Snow Balls (80g), Cadbury – Puds (35g), Cadbury – Selection Box (89g), Cadbury – Selection Box (145g), Cadbury – Stocking Selection (179g), Cocoba – Milk Chocolate Hot Spoons, Goplana – Caramel Santa (30g), Goplana – Marzipan Angel (30g), Goplana – Caramel Snowman (30g), Mars – Kit Kat Santa (29g), Mars – Maltesers (75g), Mars – Maltesers Reindeer (29g), Monty Bojangles – Cocoa Nib Nights Vegan Truffles (130g), Monty Bojangles – Flutter Scotch Christmas Truffles (130g), Moo Free – Choccy Rocks Gift Box (105g), Moo Free – Olivia the Bear Dairy, Gluten Free & Vegan (70g), Moo Free – Orange Choccy Bauble Dairy, Gluten Free & Vegan (70g), Moo Free – Original Santa (32g), Moo Free – Oscar the Bear Dairy, Gluten Free & Vegan (70g), Moo Free – Selection Box (80g), Moo Free – White Choccy Snowball Dairy, Gluten Free & Vegan (70g), Moo Free – White Choccy Snowballs (35g), Moo Free – White Snowman (32g), Nestle – Aero Festive Orange Sharing Bar (90g), Nestle – Aero Peppermint Bubbles (70g), Nestle – Milkybar Reindeer (17g), Nestle – Milkybar (90g), Nestle – Smarties Penguins (18.5g), Nestle – Little Rolo (100g), Nestle – Milkybar Festive Friends (57g), Nestle – Smarties (120g), Roca Bites – Reindeer Almond Roca (125g), Roca Bites – Snowman Peppermint Roca (125g), Terry’s Chocolate Orange – Dark (157g), Terry’s Chocolate Orange – Milk (157g), Terry’s Chocolate Orange – White (147g), Terry’s Chocolate Orange – Snowballs (70g), Riegelein – Choco Minis Santas (100g), Riegelein – Choco Minis Snowman (100g), Wawel – Brownie (275g), Wawel – Caramelized Almond (100g), Wawel – Gingerbread & Orange (275g), Wawel – Milk & Crispy Cereal Balls (90g)