Cookies & Biscuits


A biscuit or cookie is a flour-based baked and shaped food product. In most countries biscuits are typically hard, flat, and unleavened. They are usually sweet and may be made with sugar, chocolate, icing, jam, ginger, or cinnamon.

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Annas – Almond Thins (150g), Annas – Ginger Thins (150g), Baileys – Bahlsen Squares (125g), Bolands – Fig Rolls (200g), Bolletje – Kruidnoten (200g), Bolletje – Kruidnoten (6x50g), Border – Beautiful Classic Collection (400g), Border – Dark Chocolate Gingers (255g), Border – Sharing Pack (400g), Canada Coast to Coast – Maple Waffles (264g), Coppenrath – Gewiirz Spekulatius (400g), Coppenrath – Spekulatius Schokolade (200g), Crawford’s – Bourbon Creams (150g), Crawford’s – Custard Creams (150g), Crawford’s – Teatime (275g), Edeka – Gelee Ananas (250g), Edeka – KokosFlocken (200g), Elizabeth Shaw – Milk Chocolate & Salted Caramel (140g), Feiny Biscuits – Biscuit Mix (400g), Feiny Biscuits – Mignon Hazelnut (200g), Feiny Biscuits – Wafer Mix (400g), Fox’s – Brandy Snaps (100g), Fox’s – Party Rings (125g), Fox’s – Party Rings (2x125g), Gut & Gunstig – Schoko Platzchen (200g), Happy – Bianca Coconut Wafers (140g), Happy – Moka Coffee Wafers (140g), Happy – Nero Nuts Wafers (140g), Happy – Oro Caramel Wafers (140g), Highland Specialty – Scottish Shortbread Petticoat Tails (125g), Highland Specialty – Shortbread Petticoat Tails (250g), Honeyrose – Butter Shortbread GF (125g), Jacob’s – Elite Chocolate Mikado (176 g), Lambertz – Aacheuer Dominos (250g), Lambertz – Exquisit Cookies (200g), Lambertz – Gefullte Lebkuchenherzen (150g), Lambertz – Lebkuchen Tradition (500g), Lambertz – Pfeffernusse (200g), Lambertz – Spieluhrdose (200g), Lotus – The Original Speculoos (250g), McVitie’s – Digestives Classic Caramel (250g), McVitie’s – Digestives Dark Chocolate (266g), McVitie’s – Digestives Family Circle (620g), McVitie’s – Digestives Moments (400g), McVitie’s – Digestives The Original (400g), McVitie’s – Digestives Victoria (300g), McVitie’s – Family Circle (310g), McVitie’s – Ginger Nuts (250g), McVitie’s – Jaffa Jonuts (172g), McVities – Jaffa Cakes (18 cakes), McVitie’s – Jaffa Cakes Jaffa Hamper (391g), Mandy’s – Zesty Lemon Cookie Thins (130g), Manner – Hazelnut (200g), Marco Polo – Jaffa Cakes (135g), Pally Biscuits – Thee (Tea) Biscuit (300g), Pan Ducale – Cantuccini Almond Biscotti (250g), Small Batch Organics – Coffee Bean Granola Bark (57g), Small Batch Organics – Peppermint Granola Bark (57g), Undercover – Chocolate Quinoa Crisps Dark Chocolate & Peppermint (57g), Undercover – Milk Chocolate Quinoa Crisps (57g), Walkers – Mint Royal Shortbread (150g), Walkers – Pure Butter Shortbread – (150g), Wawel – Vanilla Wafer Sugar Free (110g), Weiss – Fidelis (200g), Weiss – Lebkuchen Herzen (150g), Weiss – Lebkuchen Herzen (300g), Weiss – Pfeffer-Nusse (200g)