Popcorn Seasoning


David’s is Canadian Made! Premium popcorn seasonings for the popcorn snack lover! Simply prepare your popcorn in the microwave or using the traditional stove top method, spritz or drizzle a flavourless oil to maximize equal coating, sprinkle the seasoning, and toss until fully combined. Try it on roast vegetables, in vinaigrettes, and rubbed on meat too.

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David’s – BBQ Cheddar (100g), David’s – Cinnamon Sprinkle (100g), David’s – Dill (60g), David’s – Double Chocolate Sprinkle (100g), David’s – Ketchup (80g), David’s – Mole (60g), David’s – Pumpkin Spice Sprinkle (100g), David’s – Salt & Vinegar (80g), David’s – Sour Cream & Onion ( 70g), Uncle Bob’s – Canadian Maple (70g), Uncle Bob’s – Caramel (70g), Uncle Bob’s – Dill Pickle (80g), Uncle Bob’s – Jalapeño & Cheddar (70g), Uncle Bob’s – Salt & Vinegar (78g), Uncle Bob’s – White Cheddar (57g)