Floral Waters


Floral Waters are flavoured water made by steeping flower petals or leaves in water. Floral water is also used to flavour food, as a component in some cosmetic and medical preparations, and for religious purposes throughout Asia and Europe.

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Bitarome – Mint Leaves Water (125ml), Bitarome – Mint Leaves Water (250ml), Bitarome – Orange Blossom Water (125ml), Bitarome – Rose Blossom Water (125ml), Bitarome – Wild Lavender Blossom Water (125ml), The Fee Brothers – Hibiscus Water (125ml), The Fee Brothers – Jasmine Water (125ml), Pure Botanica – Lavender Water (300ml), Pure Botanica – Mint Water (300ml), Pure Botanica – Musk Willow Water (300ml), Pure Botanica – Orange Blossom Water (300ml), Pure Botanica – Rose Water (300ml)