Fruit & Vegetable Tools/Accessories


Fruit and vegetables are essentials to our diet but can sometimes be difficult to work with in the kitchen when short on time. With our kitchen gadgets, make your lives easier with our series of salad servers or our fruit/vegetable gadgets to save more time and add more nutrition to your meals.

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Ibili – Cherry Pitter + Strawberry Slicer, Ibili – Cherry Stoner, Ibili – French Style Bean Slicer, Ibili – Garlic Presser, Talisman Designs – 2-in-1 Citrus Zester Reamer, Talisman Designs – Cherry Chomper, Talisman Designs – Kale & Herb Stipper, Talisman Designs – Bee Salad Servers, Talisman Designs – Gone Fishing Salad Servers, Talisman Designs – Nature Salad Servers, Talisman Designs – Succulent Salad Servers, Talisman Designs – Woodland Salad Servers, Talisman Designs – Wildlife Salad Servers, Thinkkitchen – 3 in 1 Apple Machine, Thinkkitchen – Lemon/Lime Reamer, Thinkkitchen – Lemon / Lime Squeezer, Zyliss – 2 in 1 Pepper Corers, Zyliss – 4 in 1 Avocado Tool, Zyliss – Apple Divider, Zyliss – Corn Stripper, Zyliss – Easy Twist Apple Corer, Zyliss – Mini Masher, Zyliss – Potato Masher, Zyliss – Smooth Glide Rasp Grater, Zyliss – Spiralizer, Zyliss – Susi 3 Garlic Press