garnish is an item or substance used as a decoration or embellishment accompanying a prepared food dish or drink. In many cases, it may give added or contrasting flavour. Some garnishes are selected mainly to augment the visual impact of the plate, while others are selected specifically for the flavor they may impart. This is in contrast to a condiment, a prepared sauce added to another food item primarily for its flavor. A food item which is served with garnish may be described as being garni, the French term for “garnished.”

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Opies – Baby Pears w/Luxardo Amaretto (460g), Opies – Black Cherries w/Luxardo Kirsch (460g), Opies – Forest Fruits w/Cassis (460g), Opies – Peaches w/Courvoisier (460g), Opies – Pineapple w/Luxardo Spiced Rum (460g), Opies – Red Berries w/Pink Gin (460g), Piacelli – Sweet Cherries in Light Syrup (550g), Royal Command – Butterfly Pea Flowers (10g), Wolski – Pitted Sour Cherries in Light Syrup (720ml)