Common pastes are some fruit preserves, curry pastes, and nut pastes. Purées are food pastes made from already cooked ingredients. Some food pastes are considered to be condiments and are used directly, while others are made into sauces, which are more liquid than paste.

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Belazu – Apricot Harissa Paste (170g), Belazu – Chermoula Paste (130g), Belazu – Rose Harissa Paste (130g), Belazu – Smoked Chilli Harissa Paste (170g), Belazu – Turkish Pepper Paste (130g), Epicureal – Pomegranate Molasses (250ml), Fnare – Harissa Paste (135g), Gia – Anchovy Paste (60g), Gia – Basil Pesto (80g), Gia – Garlic Paste (90g), Gia – Soffritto Vegetable Base (80g), Gia – Sun Dried Tomato Pesto (80g), Mae Ploy – Green Curry Paste (400 g), Mae Ploy – Red Curry Paste (400g), Mae Ploy – Yellow Curry Paste (400g), Mutti – Tomato Paste (156ml), Piacelli – Tomato Paste (200g), The Coconut Kitchen – Thai Green Curry Paste (130g), The Coconut Kitchen – Thai Massaman Curry Paste (130g), The Coconut Kitchen – Thai Yellow Curry Paste (130g)