Goch & Co.


All products are concentrated fusions of natural goodness that are addictively refreshing and delicious. We love our chilli sauces, chilli jams, chutney and chilli oils available as gluten-free, vegan, with no artificial additives, colours or preservatives. They thrive to continually develop new products to keep up with market trends and customer requirements.  Goch & Co. aims to provide high-quality products and personalised customer service with a speedy turnaround for the fast-paced food industry.

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Bird’s Eye Twist Chilli Sauce {Medium} (45g), Cayenne Fresh Chilli Sauce {Mild} (45g), Jalapeño Sweet Chilli Sauce {Mild} (45g), Habanero Perfection Chilli Sauce {Hot} (45g), Harissa Chilli Sauce {Hot} (45g), Naga Chilli Sauce {Hot} (45g), Reaper Chilli Sauce {Extra Hot} (45g), Scorpion Chilli Sauce {Extra Hot} (45g), Scotch Bonnet Burst Chilli Sauce {Hot} (45g), Spicy Red Onion Marmalade {Mild} (45g), Sweet Pepper & Orange Chilli Chutney {Mild} (45g)