Hot Chocolate


Hot chocolate, also known as hot cocoa or drinking chocolate, is heated chocolate milk. Hot chocolate made with melted chocolate is sometimes called drinking chocolate, characterized by less sweetness and a thicker consistency. You can customize the intensity to suit your mood with milk leading to a richer drink than if you use just water. Hot chocolate is great on its own but it is great to experiment with as well.

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Cadbury – Drinking Chocolate (250g), Cocoa Amore – Candy Cane (35g), Cocoa Amore – Caramel (35g), Cocoa Amore – Cocoa-Nut (35g), Cocoa Amore – Crème Brûlée [35g), Cocoa Amore – Comets Caramel (35g), Cocoa Amore – Raspberry (35g), Cocoa Amore – Santa S’mores (35g), Cocoa Amore – S’mores (35g), Cocoa Amore – Supreme (35g), Cocoa Amore – Winter Wonderland (35g), Cocoa Amore – Vanilla Hazelnut (35g), Coffee Masters – Merry and Bright Double Chocolate Cocoa (85g), Coffee Masters – Holly Jolly Caramel Cocoa (85g), Coffee Masters – Peppermint Cocoa (85g), Delicieux – Creme de Menthe (35g), Delicieux – Milk Chocolate (35g), Delicieux – Dark Chocolate (35g), Delicieux – Salted Caramel (35g), Hot Cocoa Bomb – (45g), Malteasers – Hot Chocolate (180g), McStevens – Chai (35g), McSteven’s – Gingerbread Cookie (35g), McSteven's – Hot Cocoa (70g), McSteven’s – Mochi (35g), McSteven’s – Red Velvet Cocoa (35g), McSteven's – Red Velvet (156g), McSteven’s – Salted Caramel (35g), McSteven's – Salted Caramel (156g), Niederegger – Typ Marzipan Cappuccino (10x22g), McSteven's – Winter Wonderland Blend (70g), Sorrento – Caramel Mocha (28g), Sorrento – Chocolate Truffle (35g), Sorrento – Double Chocolate (28g), Sorrento – Peppermint Truffle (28g), Sorrento – White Chocolate (35g), Niederegger – Typ Marzipan Trinkschokolade (10x22g), Majani – Hot Chocolate Classic (30g)