Meat, Poultry & Seafood Tools/Accessories


Meat tenderizers are used to reduce the toughness of meat fibers in a cut of meat. Tenderizing breaks down the meat fibers and softens the meat, making it easier to chew. Seafood tools often have serrated jaws to crack hard shells and blades that cut softer shells in shellfish.

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Ibili – Injector w/ SS Needle, Swissmar – Shucker Paddy Original Oyster Knife, Talisman Designs – Meat Chopper/Turner, Thinkkitchen – Meat Tenderizer (w/Prongs), Thinkkitchen – Meat Tenderizer (Mallet), Thinkkitchen – Seafood Scissors, Zyliss – 2 in 1 Baster & Infuser