Monsoon Coast


Monsoon Coast is a small company located on beautiful Salt Spring Island. Over 20 years ago, they began with a vision to make traditional Indian and South Asian spice blends. Monsoon Coast always begin with carefully sourced, high-quality whole spices, which get roasted by hand, ground and blended with care. Always fresh, always small-batch; that’s what they believe in.

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Adobo Seco (50g), Arabian Baharat (52g), Bengali Panch Phoron (60g), BBQ & Roast Rub (50g), Chinese Five Spice, Delhi Chat Masala (68g), Durban Curry (52g), Ethiopian Berbere (52g), Goan Vindaloo (52g), Kerala Chaunk (60g), Kowloon Curry (52g), Mahaviras Feast (52g), Moghul Curry (54g), Monsoon Balti (52g), Monsoon Tandoori (52g), Moroccan La Kama (52g), Punjabi Garam Masala (52g), Ras el Hanout (52g), Tobago Habanero Curry (52g), Tunisian Harissa (52g)