Nuts & Other Salty Treats


Nuts contain the diverse nutrients that are needed for the growth of a new plant. Composition varies, but they tend to have a low water and carbohydrate content, with high levels of fats, protein, dietary minerals, and vitamins. The digestibility of the protein at about 90% is slightly lower than that of meat and fish, but can be improved by thorough chewing.

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Aladdin Bakers – Pita Chips (28g), Beer Nuts – Original Peanuts (49g), Comfort Collection – Butter Flavoured Pretzels (100g), Fistfuls – Sierra Mountain Trail Mix (60g), Imperial Nuts – Sweet & Savory Bar Mix (113g), KP – Aromatic Thai Chilli Coated Peanuts (55g), Madi K’s – Hickory Smoked Almonds (18g), Savory Popcorn – Cheezy Pickle (90g), Savory Popcorn – Dilly Sour Cream & Onion (90g), Savory Popcorn – Pickled Cowboy (90g), Setton Farms – Dry Roasted Pistachios Buffalo Wings (70g), Setton Farms – Dry Roasted Pistachios ScorpionPepper (71g), Snack Foods – Beer Nuts (150g), The Real Pork co – Golden Crunch (30g), Three Farmers – Roasted Chickpeas Sea Salt & Lime (40g), Three Farmers – Roasted Fava Beans Zesty Cheddar (40g), Three Farmers – Roasted Lentils Barbecue (40g)