Splendor Garden (1/2lb – 1lb) bags


Splendor Garden was started in 2012 after Colleen Haussecker had been through a life-changing battle with breast cancer. She realized her passion – to provide food that is healthy, nutritious and that tastes good. She started her business with organic spices and herbs to add antioxidants and extra nutrition to meals, without relying on salt, sugar, or fat for flavour.

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All Purpose Seasoning (1lb), Allspice Ground (1lb), Allspice Whole (1lb), Basil (1lb), Beet Root Powder (1lb), Cardamom Ground (1lb), Caraway Seed Whole (1lb), Caraway Seed Powder (1lb), Cayenne Pepper (1lb), Celery Seed Whole (1lb), Chili Pepper Crushed (1lb), Chili Powder (1 lb), Chipotle Powder (1lb), Cilantro (1lb), Cinnamon Chips (1/2lb), Cinnamon Ground (1lb), Ceylon 'True' Cinnamon (1lb), Citric Acid (1lb), Cloves Ground (1lb), Coriander Seed (1lb), Coriander Ground (1lb), Cumin Seed Ground (1lb), Cumin Seed (1lb), Garlic Herb Seasoning (1lb), Garlic Granules (1 lb), Garlic Minced (1lb), Garlic Powder (1 lb), Herbs de Provence (1lb), Mulling Spice (1/2 lb), Mustard Seed Yellow Whole (1 lb), Onion Granulates (1 lb), Onion Minced (1lb), Onion Powder (1lb), Oregano (1lb), Peppermint Leaves (1/2 lb), Pickling Spice (1/2 lb), Seasoning Salt (1 lb), Southern Fried Chicken Seasoning (1lb), Steak & Grill Seasoning (1 lb), Thyme Leaves Whole (1/2 lb), Turmeric (1 lb), peppercorns