In cooking, a sauce is a liquid, cream, or semi-solid food, served on or used in preparing other foods. Most sauces are not normally consumed by themselves; they add flavor, moisture, and visual appeal to a dish. Sauces may be used for sweet or savory dishes. They may be prepared and served cold, like mayonnaise, prepared cold but served lukewarm like pesto, cooked and served warm like bechamel or cooked and served cold like apple sauce.

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Chimilove – Aji (165g), Chimilove – Chimichurri & Mayo (165g), Chimilove – Hot Chimichurri (165g), Chimilove – Mild Chimichurri (165g), Chimilove – Original Chimichurri (165g), Colman's – Mint Sauce (165g), Colman's – Seafood Sauce (155g), Encona – Jamaican Style Jerk Bbq Sauce (142ml), Encona – Mango Chili Sauce (142ml), Gourmet Inspirations – Creamy Peppercorn Whisky (225ml), Gourmet Inspirations – Canadian Maple Bourbon (225ml), HP – Fruity (255g), HP – Sauce The Original (255g), Infusion Soya Sauce – Garlic (250 ml), Infusion Soya Sauce – Ginger (250ml), Infusion Soya Sauce – Premium Classic (250ml), Infusion Soya Sauce – Sriracha (250ml), Spice of Life – The One and Only Bbq Sauce (355ml), Uncle Dougie’s – Sweet N’ Snappy BBQ Sauce (474ml), Uncle Dougie’s – Sneaky Spicy BBQ Sauce (474ml), Uncle Dougie’s – Kung-Fused Marinade (474ml), Uncle Dougie’s – Wicked Good Wing Marinade (474ml), Voisin’s – Maple Garlic Sauce (350ml), Voisin’s – Maple Jalapeño BBQ Sauce (350ml), Voisin’s – Maple Sweet and Zesty (350ml), Raincoast Trading – Marinade &Dipping Sauce, Tiptree – Barbecue Sauce (260ml), Tiptree – Tomato Ketchup (260ml), Umami Bomb – Shiitake Chili Oil Garlic (250ml), Umami Bomb – Shiitake Chili Oil Medium (250ml), Umami Bomb – Shiitake Chili Oil Hot (250ml), Umami Bomb – Shiitake Chili Oil Extra Hot (250ml), White Mausu – Black Bean Chili Ketchup (280g), White Mausu – Black Bean Rayu (240g), White Mausu – Cashew Crunch (240g), White Mausu – Peanut Rayu (240g), Yoshi – Ponzu Sauce (250ml)