Vancouver Island Sea Salt Co.


Vancouver Island Sea Salt is produced responsibly and with respect for the environment and our carbon footprint. Any ingredients infused into our salts are sourced ethically and sustainably. We are a proud Supplier Partner of Ocean Wise. Since 2009, Vancouver Island Sea Salt are passionate salt harvesters and have worked diligently to craft a sea salt worthy of the trust placed in it by hundreds of discerning food artisans and professional chefs, many at Canada’s top rated restaurants. Today, our sea salt has found a treasured spot in the pantry’s of Canadian home kitchens from coast to coast.

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Barrel Smoked Whiskey Salt (75g), Kelp Sea Salt Flakes (75g), Maple Smoked Flake Sea Salt (75g), Fine Sea Salt (300g), Flake Sea Salt (250g), Nigari (236ml), Mustard Salt – Classic Ballpark Style (75g)