Candy (Mentos)


Mentos are available in several flavors including mint, mixed fruit, cola, bubble gum, and in an assortment of orange, strawberry, and lemon. Mentos first appeared as a liquorice-flavored sweet which can still be purchased in the Netherlands as “Drop Mentos”. New flavors were initially test-marketed in the Netherlands and throughout Europe; however, most of the flavors have been available worldwide recently.

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Air Eucalyptus (37.5g), Drop (37.5g), Cherry (37.5g), Choco & Caramel (37.5g), Choco & Menthe (38g), Duo (37.5g), Fresh Cola (37.5g), Green Apple (37.5g), Lemonade (37.5g), Spearmint (37.5g), Spice it Up (37.5g), Strawberry Mix (37.5g), Tutti Frutti (37.5g), World Flavours (6×37.5g)